Seasoned Tarot Reader. Modern day Mystic.
International Psychic Medium. Visionary. Healer.

Seasoned Tarot Reader.
Modern day Mystic. Psychic Medium.
Visionary. Healer.

Tarot Parties

From giving readings at the edge of a busy dance floor in Soho, on a tiny Wobbly stool (tad tricky) to reading over an open coffin (honestly!), I have enjoyed so many different reading experiences which have been both fun and worthwhile.

If you’re having a party, and fancy a Soothsayer with your Sparkly, get in touch and we can chat the clientele, the vibe, the venue and the cost.  For newbies, it is not a scary experience at all!  Though some truth ultimately, may come to light!

Places I’ve had the pleasure to sling my cards have been:

  • Mardi Gras Festival, Brixton
  • River Island PR for their Valentine’s Party, London
  • Fashion Blog Stars PR Event at Last Tuesday Society, Hackney
  • R Woodfall Opticians Christmas Party
  • Hen Parties
  • Fancy Dress Parties
  • Halloween (of course!)
  • Private House Parties etc

Readings here are seen for “Entertainment Purposes” only and are obviously, not legally binding.  They are, however, Private and Confidential.  I don’t read for under 18 years of age, unless if asked by their Parent or Guardian.

You are in safe hands, and will always come away feeling better for that mini check in as to how your life is flowing and how to improve any niggly situations.   I do offer mediumship usually, although this doesn’t translate so well with quick readings at parties.