Seasoned Tarot Reader. Modern day Mystic.
International Psychic Medium. Visionary. Healer.

Seasoned Tarot Reader.
Modern day Mystic. Psychic Medium.
Visionary. Healer.

Welcome to my world of Mystery, Magick and Wonder …

Luna Loves Tarot offers a personalised service of Spiritual and Psychic Readings, Healings, Mediumship and Magick.

Luna is the most magical woman I know.....inspiriting magic, intuition and inspiration to those that have the privilege to seek her out and sit with her Soul...

With over 40 years of Tarot Reading, seeing auras, communing with Spirits and Loved Ones, and using my Clairvoyant and Healing skills, each day still brings something fresh and new to learn and share.

Our journey through life can be interesting, exciting and at times challenging, and it is at these times that we all need a guide to accompany us along the way.

I am a hugely experienced Spiritual Reader and Healer and will lead you with love and compassion on your journey to peace and fulfilment.

I have specialist experience in

  • Accurate and Ethical Clairvoyant Readings
  • Spiritual Counselling and Mediumship
  • Past Lives and Karmic Attachments
  • Emotion Code Healing
  • Shamanic House Clearings and Blessings
  • Folk Magic for Manifestation and Protection
  • Powerful Cord cutting and disconnection rituals


Reading for you is an organic, healing process, as all is channelled from a Higher Source for your greatest good, without shying away from the Truth and Shadow work.  With this Liminal Space being honoured and held, Spiritual Cleansing and Healing occur naturally.

You will therefore leave a session feeling lifted, your needs heard and your feelings validated with clear Spiritual and Practical strategies to progress along the right path for you.

Let me journey with you…

Luna x

Popular Skills used, but not limited to, include the following:

Past Life Readings

Very often our cyclic behaviours with certain intimate people can come from past lives with that person. When we explore this and recognise the Karmic Life Lesson to be learnt, we can then gently break this cycle and start afresh. Rituals for releasing energy strands and attachment ties are recommended and offered.

Emotion Code Healing with Energy Healing

Whilst I have been trained and endorsed by Dr Bradley Nelson, the healing I offer is integrative. Emotional and spiritual wounds can cause aches and pain in your physical body. I can work with you to identify these wounds then lovingly clear the underlying emotional blocks which can develop during this life or through ancestral inheritance. Not only can we bring healing to yourself, but also to generations past and future. For as you know, time is not linear in Spirit, All is One.

Rituals for attracting Love, Abundance, Personal Protection

Through the use of colour and candle magick, mojo bags, herbs and crystals.

Remote House Viewing and Shamanic Blessings

I offer in person, or remotely, the ability to read your house, the spirits and energies that live within. If a property holds energies that are non-conducive to positive living, you may “feel” this instinctively, perhaps experience difficulties in your relationships or a run of bad luck. I practice shamanic, holy rituals that will cleanse, bless and shift these negative energies and unsettled house spirits towards the light. It is an ancient craft with which I was blessed at birth and have developed through studying under Denise Linn. I have worked with many estate agents, landlords, tenants and property owners in this way.

Spiritual Healing for Pets

As naturally intuitive and instinctive beings, animals can readily communicate the causes of their disturbed behaviours in the right setting. By tuning into their needs they will reveal the necessary healing required for their good health.

Fun Divination Practices

I also offer other forms of divination that add spice to our readings, such as charm casting, aura reading, cartomancy, crystal throwing and oracle cards along with my natural clairvoyance, mediumship and trusted Tarot.