Seasoned Tarot Reader. Modern day Mystic.
International Psychic Medium. Visionary. Healer.

Seasoned Tarot Reader.
Modern day Mystic. Psychic Medium.
Visionary. Healer.

What my clients say...

Luna is the most magical woman I know.....inspiriting magic, intuition and inspiration to those that have the privilege to seek her out and sit with her Soul...

This reading has been amazing more than I could have imagined. I feel lighter and so much clearer about my future. Thank you Roz.

I am completely blown away by your reading Roz... I have so much to think about. Thank you.

You have really helped me with my feelings around moving – it’s a beautiful reading. Thank you.

Roz's energy, insight , support and kindness have all given me strength. Thank you!
Love and Light.

I had a really good reading with Roz. I related to a lot of what was revealed to me. This reading has helped me forward in life.
Thank you so much.

You've been accurate with my work, relationship, everything. Thank you so much!

Thank you so much for your clear and concise reading. I found it to be very accurate in terms of where I am in my life right now and what I should be doing to move forward.  I feel that you got to the heart of the matter and have given me guidance which I found very relevant.  
Take care, Peace xxx

Many thanks for this reading you were spot on… awesome.. the cards were the same for a reading I did for myself on the last full moon.. amazing..x

I waited three months to see Roz and was not disappointed ! She was so honest, kind and thoughtful. Roz gives out an energy that makes you feel upbeat and energetic about the future and life in general.
Thank you!

I felt so confident after your reading Roz.
You are precious and talented.

Roz is Brilliant! She has this energy that radiates the whole room and you can just see how passionate and supportive she is. She was completely honest with me and made me feel welcome and comfortable and able to release all the worries on my mind. She gave me tons of recommendations and journeyed with me to uncover what's really been holding me back. I will definitely see her again!

I want to thank Roz for the reading the other day. I feel so much better for it and all the advice she has given me. I feel empowered to step into my purpose and be confident that the seed that I have planted will become good and abundant. Roz is supreme at what she does and I feel blessed to have been guided by her. Thank you so much again for all the messages from Spirit and your guidance.

Thank you Roz. That was the most amazing reading and beautiful reading.

Thank you for this lovely reading.  It indeed resonates.  
Thank you for your time and for the use of your lovely gift x

Thank you for this wonderful reading.  You deliver it in a very friendly manner transmitting positive energy, it was a pleasure listening to you.  I also really appreciate that you gave me such an extensive reading.  You were spot on about the past!  What you say about the present and the Tarot’s advice makes a lot of sense to me. Thank you again!

I had such an amazing reading with a Truly Gifted Woman today! Roz is an amazing Clairvoyant, I would recommend her to anyone. She has helped me put my mind at ease over a number of topics.
Thank you so much Roz x

Everything you said has come into fruition from my last reading exactly as you said.

Your time, your energy, support and kindness have given me strength. Thank you!

You have been the first Psychic that has been spot on and made sense! Thank you so much.

Roz has a welcoming approach which immediately puts you at ease. She mentioned very specific things that no one else would have known and have great guidance and insight into the questions asked.

I've been to so many Psychics and Readers but I always come back to you! You're straight to the point, clear and make so much sense. I can't thank you enough.. I know the way forward now. God Bless you.

Thank you so much for my reading.  You are absolutely 100% accurate with how I have been feeling about everything, myself, work, money etc. Your reading is really helpful as it’s giving me something to think about, and to trust that things are going to get better, and, as you say, be more positive about it all.   I really like the way you describe the cards and their meanings, you’re very clear and articulate.   Thanks again, I shall be reading through this for days and weeks to come.

Thank you so much for your wonderful reading today .. I left feeling energised, fresher and full of life.  Thank you for your amazing work.

I truly thank you for your reading, it has given the insight that I needed to make changes.  You saw into my heart.  You are such a wonderful person.  Thanks so much.