Seasoned Tarot Reader. Modern day Mystic.
International Psychic Medium. Visionary. Healer.

Seasoned Tarot Reader.
Modern day Mystic. Psychic Medium.
Visionary. Healer.

Code of ethics

Everyone is welcome and treated with equality and respect.


All information discussed within the reading is totally confidential. However, if something serious arises that threatens your personal safety, I will need to share that information with a Professional.


I do not read for people under the age of 18, unless I have Parental/Carer Consent.


I do occasionally, receive messages from loved ones in Spirit and will share if I see it as appropriate. I cannot guarantee this at every reading. Mediumship is to be respected and not assumed.


As mentioned, my readings are of a healing, empowering nature offering information for your overall good. I offer Spiritual Strategies, Guidance, Magical Spells and encourage you to have confidence in your own abilities. I do give predictions, but always in the light that I am reading the energy that is given today. Your future is not set in stone, and one tiny change can have a ripple effect and alter the predicted course of events. Some things, however, are fated, like a “Force Majeure” (ie. an earthquake etc).


For legal reasons, I must ask that a Tarot reading is for “entertainment” purposes only. It is not legally binding, nor is it a substitute for a medical, psychological, legal or financial consultation.


By having a reading with me, you agree to all of my Terms and Conditions below and this Code of Ethics.

Terms & Conditions

I see my work as Tarot Therapy, of a healing nature and magical! While I am able to see the potential future, the readings I offer put you in charge of your destiny, your choices. Therefore, I choose to read for people who resonate with my way of working and are willing to take responsibility for their life. Any actions taken on the basis of a reading, would be their responsibility.


All are welcome to a reading with me. Please do have a think beforehand, what areas of your life, or questions even, that you would like guidance on. A clear question gives a clear answer. In this way, you get the most from the time given.


Payment is taken at the time of booking.

If the reading is cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances, we can postpone and rearrange the reading. If you have changed your mind, you may have a refund. However, if the reading is cancelled last minute, within 24 hours, I cannot offer a refund.


I channel messages using my Clairvoyance and use Tarot cards to confirm the messages received. All Readers work differently, therefore, if you come for a reading and do read cards, please don’t try to interpret the reading I am giving you. My way of receiving information will be different.


It is to my discretion, and for your benefit, how frequently I read for you.
I do not encourage the vulnerable to become dependent on my services. Also, if I feel you would benefit from other professional services, I will suggest those.


Refunds cannot be given for a completed reading. In the unlikely event that you, or I, feel we do not click within 10 mins of the reading, we will stop, and you will be refunded. But a full reading with receive a full charge.


If you are more than 10 minutes late for your appointment, I won’t be able to offer you a full reading. We can either take it from there, and read with the time left, and you would still pay the full amount, or you would need to rebook and pay again.


Each reading is personal and sacred. It is not a matter of “one size fits all”.


Please do not share your reading, or contents within it, to the public domain, and be mindful who you do share it with, regarding personal friends. Spiritual Strategies, specific tips, magical spells that I offer are for your use only. Not to be shared with others. As a magical practitioner, privacy is vital, and sacred work is to be respected. You may record our reading, if you ask first, but it is for you only. Please do not repeat the advice given.


Of course, I am happy to read for your friends so that I can offer them their own individualised reading.


If I feel at any time I am unable to continue a reading, I will withdraw tactfully.


My working hours are between 9am and 6pm weekdays.


Occasionally, I may work later if a client is in need. I work one Saturday in four. I do not work Sundays, and will not respond to texts or emails on Sundays.